When will the National University open?

When will the National University open? Members of the Ministry and the National Advisory Committee on Kavid have given the idea of opening the university by vaccinating the students. The views of the Vice-Chancellors have already been taken in this regard. Now, in the wake of the decision of the Ministry of Education, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has informed about this.

If the situation in Corona is favorable, the Ministry of Education has announced to open the school-college on June 13. However, the decision on whether to open the university by any other means than vaccination will be taken in a meeting with the UGC and the vice-chancellors, the education minister said. That meeting was held last Monday afternoon. Some members of the National Advisory Committee on Kavid were also present. The virtual meeting was chaired by the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni. Once the vaccination is over, the university will reopen in August-September, but from June onwards, there will be various postponed examinations in the hospital. In the meantime, the postponed examinations of Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi and Kabi Nazrul Universities have been announced and other universities including the National University have taken a policy decision to take the examinations.

UGC member Prof. Muhammad Alamgir said, “It will be informed in the form of a press release that the university will be opened with the vaccination of the students.”

According to the meeting sources, the members of the Ministry and the National Advisory Committee on Kavid have agreed to open the university by vaccinating the residential students of the public university. The vice-chancellors said that there is pressure from the students to open the university. However, they welcomed the decision to take the test directly. Some vice-chancellors have said that if the examinations can be started from this month in accordance with the hygiene rules, then the pressure of the students will be reduced a lot.

It is known that the number of students in the public university is about three lakh. Of these, one lakh 30 thousand live in residential halls. The ministry wants to open the university by vaccinating them on priority basis. Whether the vaccine comes from China or anywhere else in the coming days, it will be given to students on a priority basis.

However, the number of students studying in higher education is about 4 million. Of these, 36 lakh are students of national universities, open universities and affiliated colleges of Arabic universities; Most of them do not have the opportunity to stay in the residential hall again. As a result, all the students of higher education have to wait for only one lakh 30 thousand students.

Meanwhile, the movement to open the university continues. The students are carrying out various programs including human chain and rallies. They have announced strict programs in the future. The students were not satisfied with the decision to take the exam directly from UGC last Thursday. They are adamant in their demand to open a university.

Students say, public transport, restaurants, markets — everything is open. Nowhere is hygiene being observed properly. But the educational institution has been closed for about 15 months. The education sector is facing a big loss. Sessions have increased. If everything is open, where is the obstacle to open an educational institution in compliance with the health rules?

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