The DPE Director General announced the teacher recruitment test on the day

The work of software development has been completed in the evaluation of the answer scripts of the primary teacher recruitment examination. After taking the preliminary examinations of 41st and 42nd BCS, written examination for recruitment of assistant teachers in primary schools may be taken in June-July. These two BCS exams will be held at the Public Service Commission (PSC) centers

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The Department of Primary Education (DPE) is preparing to determine the seats for the primary teacher recruitment examination. However, if the educational institution is opened in the meantime, some changes will be made in the case of examination halls and seats. Such information has been known from the relevant sources. State Minister for Primary and Mass Education. Zakir Hossain said, the primary teacher recruitment test is a great sacrifice

Is. There are so many examinees who have to struggle with management. Therefore, it is not possible to take this test until the educational institution is opened. However, if it is the BCS exams, we will gradually start preparing for the exams. Regarding the matter, Director General of the Department of Primary Education AM Mansurul Alam said, “There are all kinds of preparations for the examination.” Educational Institutions

I will be able to take the test as soon as it is opened. In this case, if it is late to open the educational institution, I will wait for the BCS exam. In the educational institutions where they will conduct the examination, the seats for the primary recruitment examination will be selected step by step. In this case, we will be able to start the first stage of the test in June-July. It is learned that the recruitment of primary teachers has already taken place

Software development work has been completed to evaluate the test papers. An agreement has also been signed with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) regarding the examination. The recruitment management committee has held several meetings and taken all the preparatory decisions. Just waiting for the test to start.

This time the government will appoint 32,000 teachers as primary teachers. Of which 25,630 will be recruited at pre-primary level. More than 13 lakh five thousand applications were submitted for this appointment. DPE gives the opportunity to correct various mistakes while applying online.

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