Honors 4th year failing exams next November

Students who have failed the Honors 4th Year Examination will have their ‘Special Examination’ next November. 

Press Release: National University will provide orientation to 4 lakh students of Honors 1st year across the country. The decision was taken at the 93rd meeting of the Academic Council on Sunday (September 26). The meeting approved the published results of various examinations.

In particular, the students who have failed in the 2019 Honors 4th year examination have decided to take their ‘special examination’ next November considering Kovid-19. 3 students were awarded MPhil and 2 students were awarded PhD degrees.

The National University will provide academic calendars to the newly admitted students of the first year of Honors in the Orientation Program, as well as provide guidance on all aspects of online learning activities. This is the first time in the history of the country that the Honors 1st year will provide orientation to 4 lakh students across the country.


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