Honors 4th Year CGPA Results Published

Urgent notification regarding publication of Comprehensive Results (CGPA) of Honors 4th Year Examination 2019:

Only those students who have passed all the courses in all subjects of Honors 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year, four year composite result (CGPA) will be available on the website of National University from 4.00 pm on 26/08/2021. Available at www.nu.ac.bd or www.nubd.info). Honors 4th Year CGPA Results

Honors 4th Year CGPA Results

Honors 4th Year CGPA Results

The results of the 2019 Honors 4th year examination held under the National University will be published on 20/06/2021. The results of the 2019 undergraduate (honors) fourth year examination held under the National University were released on Tuesday night. This information has been informed by the public relations department of the university on Tuesday. NU Honors 4th year Exam results published

Honors 4th Year CGPA Results

Result View Link 1: http://www.nu.ac.bd/results/

Result View Link 2: http://www.nubd.info/

National University Grading System CGPA/GPA

NU Honours 4th Year Result 2021

2 lakh 14 thousand 744 candidates from 8 colleges participated in 30 subjects. The average pass rate of the exam is 72 percent. The results of this test will be available on the University website (www.nu.ac.bd or WWW.nubd.info)

How much is a grade?

* 80-100 = A + = 4.00
* 75-79 = A = 3.75
* 70-74 = A- = 3.50
* 65-69 = B + = 3.25
* 60-64 = B = 3.00
* 55-59 = B- = 2.75
* 50-54 = C + = 2.50
* 45-49 = C = 2.25
* 40-44 = D = 2.00

National University Promotion Principles

Honors 4th Year CGPA Results

In case of Honours level examinations like BA, BSS, BBA, BSC, etc the scholars must need to achieve a minimum of D Grade a minimum of in three written course to pass and to market from the extent of 1st year to 2nd. an equivalent process is applicable for promotion from 2nd year to 3rd year that’s one has got to gain D grade a minimum of in three written courses. and eventually the wants got to promote from 3rd to 4th year is to realize minimum D Grade in four written courses.
When a student is did not fulfill the wants that are given in clause (a), he or she would be unable for promotion and shall be considered Not Promoted. during this case, the scholar needn’t attend again in examination of the course which he or she has already passed. consistent with clause (a) one must be passed and fulfill this requirement of the 2 times examinations held within a year. within the matter of F Grade, these rules aren’t applicable.
If any student is absent from just one course and gets in other courses a minimum of D Grade he or she is going to be able for promotion for subsequent year. But within the next year’s examination, the scholar has got to attend and pass the absence or remaining one course to take care of the promotion.
When any student maintains the principles of clause (a) to market himself or herself from 1st year to 2nd year the scholar will get an opportunity to rework his F grade to pass the exam. Like this manner from 2nd to 3rd year, one can promote for F grade. But within the case of the 3rd to 4th year a student has got to pass and obtain a minimum of D grade altogether courses.

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